Monday, December 13, 2010

Praising you in the storm

Thirty one days ago I was diagnosed cancer.

On day 1, we got on our knees and threw ourselves into our Fathers arms.

On day 3, we praised God for plane tickets that were given to us.

On day 5, we praised God as we were embraced by all the ones who have come to Christ in His body in Sucre Bolivia during these years of work.

On day 7, we praised God as we boarded a plane to seek medical care in the States on day 6 and were received in the airport by 30 loved ones.

On day 8, we praised God for Dr. Stanley as he established our diagnosis here in the States and arranged for the Mayo Clinic to see my case.

On day 11, we praised God for results of our CT scan that showed us that the cancer had not spread to my lungs.

On day 14, we praised God for Dr. Fleming, my surgeon, who agreed to doing his services for free, and who worked hard to help us in finding others who would donate their services. We praised God that the cancer was contained inside of one muscle and would be easily removed, and I would be able to walk and run again!

On day 16, we praised God for letting us be with family on such a special Thanksgiving day.

On day 19, we praised God for receiving money to pay our CT scan.

On day 20, we praised God for the car the church purchased for us to use during this time.

On day 21, we praised God for a place called the Harvest Home, that the church would let us live in during these months in the States. It had everything we would need, completely furnished.

On day 22, we praised God for receiving one more check that completed the money we would need to pay for the surgery that would take place day after tomorrow.

On day 24, we praised God for Dr. Fleming and the surgery team along with the anesthesiologist team that were donating their services for the surgery. Zion's prayer today was. "Thank Lord for mom's big owee, and thank you that she is going to get better." The surgery went great!

On day 26, we praised God for the League house we would stay at for only $15 a night two blocks from the hospital.

On day 30, we praised God for getting to go with family for a good weekend and continue healing

Day 31, we continue to praise God for His continual care and providence.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reyes 7 year anniversary

Happy Anniversary Erik!! I love you! ( July 1st, 2010)

Erik doing one handed hand stand

Mia Yaretzi.. getting more and more beautiful...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anita´s QuinceaƱera

Anita had a wonderful 15th Birthday party.. they call it a QuinceaƱera here. She spent it with the kids on the team. We did a Twilight theme, and had a scavenger hunt and pijama party... she was very happy.
Anita turning 15! Angela made her a very fun cake for the Twilight theme. We put glitter on her hair and around her eyes.

Erik giving Anita a purity ring...

Anita found me, (Jenny) in the scavenger hunt.. I was a spy outside of the movie theatre.

Anita wore a cape during the scavenger hunt.. Carla and I made her a cape like the ones from the Twilight books..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Let the little ones come to me

We are excited to share some pictures of the children here in the church. The picture of the newborn twins belong to Vicky and Jhonny. Their names are Samuel and Carolina. We are blessed to have them as a family in the church. Praise God for these little ones that will grow up knowing Him and the way He has changed their lives.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A special team

Mia falling asleep on Pancho´s arm What a special team.. Continue to pray for Sucre Bolivia and for us as a team, that we may continue to do the work that God has called us to do for His glory.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Reports

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,
Receive a kind greeting: that the blessings of the Lord will always fill your lives.
I went on an emergency trip from Sucre to Ecuador and the house of my grandparents because my grandmother was sick. I read to her from the Word of God before she died. It was a strengthening for her and for everyone. I had the opportunity to tell the Words of Life a couple of times and although most of the family and friends are Catholic, I had the honor of sharing the Bible. Thursday my grandmother went to sleep and Saturday we buried her. I will be with my family for 24 more days and then travel to Sucre.
This situation was difficult, but it is the end of all humanity in this earth. The good news is that my grandmother obeyed the Gospel a couple of years before. The confidence in Christ gives hope; the strength comes from the Word of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May God continue to bless you powerfully. Thank you for all your help and for sowing in my life for the kingdom of God.
Juan C. Cabrera

Friends and Family,
March was in a lot of ways a calm month for us. We had a university lunch with about 10 visitors besides our members. Besides that everyone´s schedule has been pretty normal. My ladies´ class continues to go well along with my one-on-one studies. On one of the Saturdays I took the youth to hand out church and El Camino fliers at one of the main parks. They did really well and stopped to talk to a lot of the people they gave fliers to and when we had passed out more than 100 fliers we went and played pool.
Luis has preached a couple times this month and continues to teach the youth group. It´s been wonderful to see the youth growing and maturing. A lot of them are really finding their foundation in Christ and continue to encourage one another.
The weather has been changing as we enter into fall and we´ve had a lot of cold days already which has caused a lot of people to be sick including the Torres. Hopefully the weather will stop fluctuating so drastically soon.
Thank you for all your prayers and support. Your prayers strengthen us and give us peace through God.
God bless,Angela Myers

The Reyes Family
Friends and Family,
We have been blessed to have seen some of your during the past couple of months during our time here in the States. We have been blessed to witness our little Mia recover dramatically. We praise God for the health that she has experienced during this time and for the friends and family that have been with us in prayer during this time. She has seen a very good doctor here in the States.. and has been parasite free for 2 months now.. She is bright eyed, full of energy and 5 pounds heavier than when we came to the States. What a blessing. We have her currently on natural essential oils and probiotics to continue building up her immune system with all hope that she does great when we return to Bolivia in 3 weeks.
The kids have done great with all the traveling.. I have been so proud of them. We have received so much spiritual encouragement, that we often hunger for when we are in Sucre. It makes us so greatful to experience the family in Christ here in the States.. Don't take for granted what you have in your home congregations.. having elders and wonderful preachers and people that have served Christ for so long, is a priceless gift from God.
Thank you all for your prayers and the love we witness.
Love the Reyes family